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Chuckk Hubbard
Hi again.
This started as a message inquiring about what I might be doing wrong
with CsoundVST... it was the "auto edit after performance" button.  I
unchecked that and there it is.
I'm using Sonar.  It never crashes, but sometimes I get a hung note,
whether I stop Csound or Sonar first; just hitting "Perform" again
clears it.  I also get some audio dropouts, so I'll have to find ways
to optimize that.  That might just be from changing channels during
playback to hear the different instruments.  It does seem like it's
out of time with an instance of FM7 playing the same notes; could just
be the attack is slower.

So now I can use Blue's microtonal piano roll (the lineObjects are
cool too), CsoundAV's video and FLTK, and Csound as a plugin in SONAR.
 I don't think there's anything else I could ask for to make Csound a
realistic tool for my purposes.  VST opens up music notation control,
which is what I come from.  I was mainly interested in synthesis, but
now I'm itching to learn about Csound's audio processing too.  I've
started doing some of the small tasks in Csound that I would normally
do in Sonar, just to practice.

I feel like this learning curve is changing for me, which surprises
me.  Some of the things I was putting off because they were
overwhelming are far simpler now that I understand more of what the
program's actually doing.  Understanding FLTK, File I/O, and command
line flags makes everything else easier to figure out.

I'm now 100% a devotee of Csound.  I said before I'd get more into it
once my jury was over (I got an A somehow), and this last week of
intense study has really opened me up to this program.  I'm about
halfway through Erik Spjut's signal processing chapter.  Nasty stuff.

I'm putting together a website, to someday represent me as a
"professional composer", but it's in its nascent stages.  It hasn't
opened its eyes yet.  There is a film clip I scored for MIDI class of
a scene from "2001", using a DX7, Korg MS2000, and some other synths,
as well as some recordings of live performances.  I designed the first
3 sounds in "2001", not counting the faint piano doubling the DX7.

I'm planning to throw some more Csound stuff up there soon.

"Some people got attitude,
Backed up with attitude."
-G. Love
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