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port opcode behaviour

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In Android I use chnget to transmit to the .csd the values of the various
controllers I have on my GUI.
Unfortunately there are some "clicks" that are almost certainly caused by
various k-parameters' sudden changes, so I implemented a portamento to any
of these k-parameters.
But I really don't understand how portamento should be used!
The opcode port as I understood halvens the distance between the current
value and the destination value, at k-cycle. But how does it know what are
the current and destination values, as soon as I pass just one of them as
parameter? And how is it initialized at the very first run?

In other words:
Is this correct:

kVibratoTemp chnget "vibrato"
kVibrato port kVibratoTemp, 0.01

or does this make sense instead?

kVibrato chnget "vibrato"
kVibrato port kVibrato, 0.01

Thank you very much