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new version of DistortionGuitar in BlueShare

Menno Knevel
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i have just committed a upgraded version of DistortionGuitar, original Author of DistortionGuitar version 1 is Atte André Jensen (, 2007.
This was the basis upon which i have built.

The instrument uses the pluck opcode (physical modeling) for tone generation.  Goal of the instrument to maintain as much as possible the acoustic feeling of a physical model instrument - .

Originally: Distorted guitar with flanger, but now extended with some features

version 2.1, november 2016:
- added vibrato
- added Zwel for every one of the 3 voices
- improved mixing of the 3 resonace filters
- option to change pitch while the note plays

version 2, November 2016:
- detune is variable now
- now 0 dbfs = 1 (was = 32000)
- filter attack and decay variable now
- UDO with pluck has setksmps 1, so is independent of the ksmps of the csd
- improved parameter value handling for stretching of pluck (method 4)
- added 3 resonance filters for shaping of the body of the guitar
- turn distortion on/off
- turn Amplitude Modulation on/off.

i hope it may provide fun for people other than me :)
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Re: new version of DistortionGuitar in BlueShare

Menno Knevel
i have committed a new version of DistortionGuitar (=2.3 now)

It has an experimental feature: a UDO called k_Pfield, lets you decide if you want to read a pfield from score or from an Automation Line Point.

Differences from the "old" version 2.2:

version 2.3, november 2016
- lin --> exp faders for better mixing of dry and wet signals in the 3 resonance modes
- option to set in score: -1. When in score p4 or p5 = -1, then Automation Line makes the value for p4 or p5 (experimental)

For now, i will not delete the "old" version 2.2 nor the original version 1 from Atte André Jensen.