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glibc version for csound5

Iain Duncan
I'm trying out making a custom dyne:bolic live cd with csound5. I found
the following on one of the dynebolic pages:

"These scripts allow you to modify dynebolic. To use them, your Linux
system must have the squashfs patches applied to its kernel, and if you
want to transport compiled binaried into the tree, you need to compile
against GLIBC_2.2 or earlier (not GLIBC_2.3)."

I noticed when I tried to run a compiled binary of csound5 from a
dyne:bolic boot I got an error about the glibc version too. Is there a
way to compile csound5 against an earlier GLIB and if so can anyone tell
me how to do it? If not, any tips on what I'd need to do to dynebolic to
be able to run csound5?


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