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blueShare needs rewrite

Steven Yi
Hi All,

I'm thinking blueShare (the serverside php part) needs a real rewrite.
I'm having a hard time working with the existing code as it wasn't my
original design and some parts seem like overkill.  I am thinking

-classes need to be redone to remove any presentation information to
separate model and view (to_string and to_xml would be useful and
clean though I think)

-i'm not fond of the presentation classes and functions; I'd like to
move to Smarty Templates and simple CSS for styling

it's not a big rewrite I am thinking as it's not that big a project
after all.  I am going ahead with the current design until the Effects
part of blueShare is done, but soon after will likely start a new CVS
branch from the current module that will do work in and eventually
remerge back in when the change is complete.

I am thinking:

-needs to work with register_globals = off
-no globals
-php 4+

Any thoughts?


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