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[announce] blue 0.98.0

Steven Yi
Hi All,

I've put up a new release of blue; I normally cite the csounds.com
page but csounds.com is down at the moment, so it is available from


This version has a new loop rendering mode that will keep on
rerendering a CSD file from blue and calling csound with it if loop is
enabled (a render stop time has been added as well, set by using right
mouse button instead of left in time bar).

Big thanks to Michael Bechard, Francisco Vila, and Chuckk Hubbard for
their replies on the blue list regarding this feature, as well as
members on the csound list for their help on finding a way to stop


>Notes for 0.98.0<
[released 2005.05.16]


    [new] - Loop Render and Render Stop Time - using right mouse button instead
            of left in setting the time on a root polyobject will set a yellow
            line for when to stop rendering (green line is render start time);
            setting to loop mode before rendering will re-render the project
            immediately after a render stops.  This allows one to render in a
            loop and while listening, make a small change, and hear the change
            in the next loop (file is always recompiled to CSD between renders)

    [new] - Rewind button - sets renderStartTime to 0.0 and clears renderEndTime

    [update] - when generating CSD to file (ctrl-g), use same renderStartTime
            and renderEndTime as is currently set in the project


    [new] - Only call generateNotes, generateFTables, generateInstruments, and
            generateGlobals for SoundObjects which could possibly contribute
            notes to the final CSD (if soundObject's startTime < renderEndTime
            && soundObject's endTime > renderStartTime); speeds up renders of
            project when using renderStartTime and renderEndTime by not
            calling those methods unnecessarily
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