Trouble installing with ctcsound (Python module)

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Trouble installing with ctcsound (Python module)

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I am new to Csound, but not to Python. I want to start using Csound through python. As far as I can tell from other forums, the csnd6 module is being deprecated, and the ctcsound is the latest Python API to use (is this correct?).

I downloaded Csound for MacOS from the sourceforge website and was hoping that ctcsound would come with it. But when I tried to import the module (by import ctcsound into Jupyter Notebook) I got the error "No module named 'ctcsound'". I then naively tried to run "pip instal ctcsound" in my terminal window, but was met with a different error:
"Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement ctcsound (from versions: )
No matching distribution found for ctcsound"

So I'm simply stuck very early in the game. How do I install ctcsound?

Thank you,