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Steven Yi
Hi All,

I wanted to give a latest status update.  I have been working pretty
much just on updating BlueSynthBuilder to JavaFX the past week.  The
process has been interesting as it is touching on a lot of older code
and is a bit viral.  The primary UI change is about 90% done, but the
underlying data model changes are spreading out such that I will be
doing an audit of the model classes to change how object cloning is
done.  (A bit of geek speak, but it's a pretty fundamental change and
will require revising a large part of the code base.)  On the other
hand, for the parts that have been updated to work with JavaFX, the
new UI code is much cleaner and simpler for me to work with.  I think
as I continue to migrate the codebase to JavaFX, the UI will be easier
and quicker for me to update.

That all said, I think the newer UI for BSB is already looking nicer
than the previous version.  I do have to work out a couple of
migration issues so that previously created BSB UIs look as they
should.  I have pretty much everything from BlueShare on my system and
will be using those as tests, but having user feedback during beta
testing would be very much appreciated.


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