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Steven Yi
Hi All,

I'm in the middle of a very large refactoring of internal code and
came across support for older project files.  The code is really
crufty and deals with projects from pre-0.95 (released 2005.04.04).  I
actually just tried to open an older project from 2002 and found it
did not open, so there's something broken there.

My thought is that older projects *should* still be openable by older
versions of Blue.  The problem is that up until a certain point, I
used an automatic serializer class that generated data that is not
easy to understand or use.  That serializer class is still there in
the code but looks to be broken.

>From some initial research it looks like the transition to proper XML
was done in 2004 (looks like during 0.94 betas, as I have a project
with version 0.94 beta 4 that opens fine). I think my plan for now is
to drop the broken serializer and remove traces of its usage from the
codebase for 2.7.0. After the 2.7.0 release, I will plan to dig
through the source code archive and figure out a different parsing and
upgrade approach.

So to summarize, projects prior to 0.94 look are currently not working
in new Blue. This probably does not affect many people though. I have
filed issue #339 to look back into this issue once the 2.7.0 release
is done.


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