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Steven Yi
Hi All,

I wanted to let everyone know that I'm in the middle of redoing the UI
for SoundLayers and that if you're using a CVS build of blue that I
ask to not check out from it for a day as I'm in the middle of things
so they might not work if you check it out (they'll compile, but
features are not yet complete).  I don't normally check things into
CVS that aren't fully working but I need to move back and forth
between IDE's and am doing so via CVS.

I'm redoing the UI btw for the SoundLayers (the are on the left in the
main ScoreGUI where one modifies the name of the layer, muting,
soloing, and noteProcessors) as I need to add a couple more options
(particularly automation parameter selection) and doing so in the old
UI using the table wasn't going to work out well I thought.

There is likely to be on change coming up that may change existing
projects but it it is purely cosmetic.  I am about to redo layer
heights to use different sizes.  Currently, the smallest size is
really sort of pointless IMO as it messes up the UI on the left and
also is too small to read anything I think.  I am going to make the
second to smallest size the new minimum size.  I am also going to
scale the sizes to be a bit bigger, so that each step in increasing
size will be 15 or 20 pixels instead of 10, as that seems to be more
common in other composition environments I've been looking at.  I
think eventually there will be an option to select height by layer,
but will delay that until another round.  So, after this new build,
your old projects may look a bit bigger than they did previously.

Beyond that, I've done some basic drafting out classes and interfaces
for how to do parameter automation and then switched to reworking the
soundLayer stuff as that had to happen first before the parameter
stuff could be put in.

If there's any questions or comments, please reply here.

I think after today it should be fine to use blue again from CVS.


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