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Chuckk Hubbard
Trying to scratch a soundfile with FLroller and table lookup.
I set the range of the roller to .6 because the wav is a little over
half the table size.
I realize my roller increments would be translated directly to
samples, meaning it's going to skip over a good bit, but I would still
expect more than two clicks.  I also tried line and phasor as
commented out, and got no output.  I also tried using filelen and
filesr in the header to determine roller steps, no output.  Am I
misunderstanding something fundamental about table lookup?




sr = 48000
kr = 48000
ksmps = 1
nchnls = 2

        FLpanel "ScratchNBiff", 800, 300
gkpos, ih FLroller "Scratch", 0, .6, 1/1000, 0, 1, -1,

400, 50, 50, 50

instr 1
;iln filelen "backfuture-tree.wav"
andx = a(gkpos)       ;position of the roller
;andx line 0, iln, 1
;andx phasor 1/iln

ar table andx, 1, 1 ;roller position in file

outs ar*1500, ar*1500

f1 0 65536 1 "backfuture-tree.wav" 0 4 0
f2 3600 2 10 1

i1 0 3600

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