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Monosynth Reprise

Attached are .csd's of my final monosynths, now hardly "templates". They
solve the problem of overlapping releases by having two alternating
instruments (and hence a virtual doubling in length of the control
instrument). One .csd incorporates glide, the other doesn't.

The only limitation now is that of a maximum of two keys down
simultaneously - or, especially, more than two notes overlapping (releases,
that is).

It's amazing how little extra the glide adds to the code, as long as the
instrument is gated and not always-on (as is the case here). Now I can lay
monosynth to rest - in peace!

Art Hunkins

monosynth2aPort.csd (1K) Download Attachment
monosynth2a.csd (1K) Download Attachment