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MSYS and MinGW

John D. Ramsdell-2
My understanding of both MSYS and MinGW, is they provide a minimal
system on which one can perform the usual "configure; make; make
install" sequence of commands.  It is on this system that I build
Csound GBS for Windows.

I never create a Csound GBS distribution on MSYS as by default it does
not contain the autoreconf tool.  Instead, I now create a distribution
on Fedora Core 4.  If I had to create a distribution of Csound GBS on
Windows, I would install cygwin, as it is a non-minimal system that
includes everything one needs to build a distribution based that uses
a GNU Build System.  Baring the above options, I would create a
distribution using a Live CD, such as KNOPPIX.  Its got everything!


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