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Development: blue now using Mercurial

Steven Yi
Hi All,

This is a note for those who are interested in blue's source code and
development. I have decided to move from using Subersion to Mercurial.
 I've used Mercurial for a while now for my personal music and
programming projects and find it much easier to use, plus it works
well for me especially when I am coding on a flight or travelling
where I do not have internet access.  Mercurial is also well supported
by the Netbeans IDE which I use for development of blue, and which
really is a requirement for working with blue's codebase now as it
uses the Netbeans RCP (Rich Client Platform).

Information about accessing Mercurial is available at:

and the code can be browsed at:

Note: The information at the first link assumes the repository is
named "bluemusic", but I have named it "blue", so the example URL for
the public repository link should be:

(the last part is the repository name)

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or reply here.



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