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Csound AU and Logic

Mitchell Turner
Just wanted to let you know that I tried out the Csound AU with Logic  
7.1.1 and it worked fine.  In fact the CPU load using the pitch shift  
is quite low.

If I wanted to do other things with this version, I will need to  
modify the au.csd file that I placed in /Library/Application Support/
Csound.  Is that correct?  I suppose you could have multiple au.csd  
files and swap theme in and out as needed.

Also, the modifications will need to be in the "instr 1" block and my  
invalues would map to the AU interface such that invalue 0 is the  
first slider, invalue 1 is the second and so on.

One other minor question.  Does the 8888 clock start running when you  
first instantiate the CsoundAU plugin? or when Logic is started.  Not  
a big deal, just wondered.

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