[Csnd] new "Csound in iOS" chapter in csound floss manual

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[Csnd] new "Csound in iOS" chapter in csound floss manual

hi all -

we have a new (updated) chapter about "Csound in iOS" in the csound
floss manual:

big thanks goes to nikhil singh as main author, and also to richard
boulanger for his support!

i have also updated the "Make Csound Run" chapter of the floss manual
(http://write.flossmanuals.net/csound/a-make-csound-run/).  but i know
there are still a lot of outdated things here and in other chapters.
whoever can point me on something, and send me a text snippet for
updating and improvement, i will be happy to insert it.

and of course, whoever is volunteering to contribute anything, is very
much welcome.  just write me off-list for access or any other way to

cheers -

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