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Hello all,

Just a quick note to announce that the other day I put microcsound up on github and Pypi (something I've really been meaning to do for a while). This should make the install process a bit easier, and hopefully will encourage others to try microcsound.

a linux/MacOSey style install via git:
    cd microcsound
    [sudo] python setup.py install

...probably something similar but different on Windows, I don't know.

install via pypi:

    pip install microcsound

Your feedback counts, so do give it a try. I hope to keep the project alive and evolving, and not just suiting my needs, but hopefully others' as well.

An interesting and funny side note: THE Brian Eno tweeted about microcsound in April of 2016, and I never knew about it! Pretty fun and cool. I'm wondering if he tried it, or if it was a 'gee whiz, cool this exists' kind of thing, but either way, it was Brian Eno!


Aaron Krister Johnson
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