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[Csnd] manual example FLsavesnap_simple.csd

I wrote this on csound/issues:
On version 6.09.1 the example FLsavesnap_simple.csd works well.
On version 6.03.2 doesn't work, giving message: "segmentation violation".
(I use both Csound versions, in pc and laptop)
BUT transfering those lines of code:
ivalSM1 FLvalue "", 70, 20, 270, 20
gksliderA, gislidSM1 FLslider "Slider", -4, 4, 0, 3, ivalSM1, 250, 20, 20, 20
after all FLbuttons, the example runs well!
Maybe it's best to move those lines of code in the manual, or - better - write a warning.
Greetings A.S.

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