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[Csnd] m_engine - model of an electric motor

Jeanette C.
Hey hey,
and another one for the train: m_engine models an electric motor, based on the
model by Andy Farnell and the Csound implementation by Rory Walsh: thanks to
both of you!

Compared to the original model a few changes have been implemented: Rory
already changed the modelling of the casing/housing. I further changed it to
use the buzz opcode instead of the vco2 and an extra sine oscillator, to get a
little more subsonic quality. Furthermore I added a few white noise
componenets to other parts and a slight frequency variation to the frequency.
Finally a wave guide (wguide1) was used to lend even more credence to the idea
of a big engine housing.

I hope someone has a good use for it. :)

Best wishes,


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