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[Csnd-dev] csoundGetModule and rtmidi jack

Tarmo Johannes-3

I realized CsoundQt does offer rtmidi=jack as one of the options for realtime midi and  and was going to implement it.

CsoundQt uses csoundGetModule call to determine the available modules but jack is not reported... Can you guess, why?

The piece of code doing that is:


CSOUND *csound = csoundCreate(NULL);
    char *name, *type;
    int n = 0;
    rtAudioNames << "null";
    n = 0;
    while(!csoundGetModule(csound, n++, &name, &type)) { // miks ei tule siin jack?
        if (strcmp(type, "midi") == 0) {
            rtMidiNames << name;
            printf("MIDI Module %d:  %s (%s) \n", n, name, type);


The output (on Linux is):

MIDI Module 2: alsaraw (midi)

MIDI Module 3: alsaseq (midi)

MIDI Module 4: devfile (midi)


if -+rtmidi=jack is set in CsoundOptions of the csd it works but so the module is there and fully functional.