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Michael Gogins-2
I am a composer of algorithmically generated electroacoustic music,
and a developer of music software, including various features of
Csound such as the Csound for Android app, HTML5 integration with
Csound, other APIs, the signal flow graph opcodes, the Silencio
algorithmic composition system in C++, Lua, and JavaScript, etc. For
more information about my activities see my Tumblr blog at

I and my wife Heidi will be in Melbourne from 15 February through 15
April 2017. I would be happy to meet with anyone who wants to meet
with me, to discuss electroacoustic music or computer music or Csound,
to perform music, to present a talk or workshop, etc.

If you have any such interest in meeting, please reply to my personal
email: michael dot gogins at gmail dot com.

Michael Gogins

Michael Gogins
Irreducible Productions
Michael dot Gogins at gmail dot com