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[Csnd-dev] Open Issues on github

Currently there are 3 issues marked as bugs, 44 as enhancements and 16
unclassified.  The bugs are

+ FLTK valuators crash csound in UDP server mode bug

+ Array variables should not be allowed to have types redefined bug

+ Repeatedly calling csoundReset on Windows causes abort bug window

The unclassified are various, like I do not know what they mean, or more
information requested, or too complex to follow, would rather not have....

+ Missing help-file (csound~.mxo)
+String formatting opcodes are inconsistent
+Feature Request: Named Arguments
+Is it possible to set different number of inputs and outputs when
  csound is used with jack?
+luajit-2.1 compatibility
+crash with init error...
+pycall2 and above error in 6.08
+parenthesis in score macro arguments.
=Update Build.md documentation
+Installation on Mac
+Using csound with multitrack MusicSequence on iOS
+Proper distribution package for csound~
+Topics at the round table ICSC 2015
+Loscil not reading tables loaded in with readbuf in csound~ csound~ (MaxMSP)
+csound~ 1.1.3 not installed in correct location csound~ (MaxMSP) windows
+Csound~ crashes when using fluid opcodes
+check if Loris opcodes still work

I would appreciate any help in (a) classifying and (b) clearing
some/any/all the non-enhancements, or dealing with some of the

==John ffitch
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Re: [Csnd-dev] Open Issues on github

Nate Whetsell
“Repeatedly calling csoundReset on Windows causes abort” <https://github.com/csound/csound/issues/722> is labeled as Windows-only, but it was later found to be reproducible on Linux <https://github.com/csound/csound/issues/722#issuecomment-265161756>.

In “String formatting opcodes are inconsistent” <https://github.com/csound/csound/issues/747>, there’s a note <https://github.com/csound/csound/issues/747#issuecomment-274275688> about prints and fprints printing two percent signs (%%) literally, which is likely a bug. (sprintf prints one percent sign for %%.)

“parenthesis in score macro arguments.” <https://github.com/csound/csound/issues/721> — As far as I understand it, commit a42d90e <https://github.com/csound/csound/commit/a42d90e> requires escaping end parentheses passed in macro arguments, even end parentheses in strings. It seems like it should be possible to address issue 721 without the need for escaping by using Flex’s start condition stacks and appropriately defined start conditions <https://westes.github.io/flex/manual/Start-Conditions.html#index-start-conditions_002c-use-of-a-stack and https://github.com/csound/csound/issues/721#issuecomment-264729459>.