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Steven Yi
Hi All,

Just FYI, if you're using the WASM Csound build, I finally managed to
diagnose and fix the load issue I was experiencing for MS Edge
browser. The problem had to do with using console.log directly as the
function callback for the WASM module loader and wrapping console.log
was enough to fix the issue on Edge [1].  I have fixed this in the
csmouse.zip[2] and online version on my site[3], in the csound-p5js
repository[4], and in the live.csound.com site.


[1] - https://github.com/kunstmusik/csound-p5js/commit/a8bf7c649919868908f36cc61591c43c6de169e1
[2] - http://kunstmusik.com/csmouse.zip
[3] - http://kunstmusik.com/csmouse
[4] - https://github.com/kunstmusik/csound-p5js

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