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[Csnd] Questions about hrtfearly and hrtfreverb

Jeanette C.
Hey hey,
around which axis is the kheadrot head rotation parameter of hrtfearly?

If several source signals in the same room with the same listener at the same
volume, only at different locations are processed, should the source signals
be mixed with evaul volume and then be passed to one hrtfreverb? Does it not
at all matter - in the late reflection stage - where a source signal was

Would it with these two opcodes, or another combination, be possible to create
binaural reverb in a three dimensional room with 6 degrees of freedom of the
listeners head? i.e. allowing for rotation about the other two axis? If such a
solution is possible, would it be feasible in realtime on a quadcore 3GHz

Best wishes and thanks,


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