[Csnd] New UDO: Risset glissando filter

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[Csnd] New UDO: Risset glissando filter

Jeanette C.
Hey hey,
it's finally done, with my special thanks to Oeyvind Brandstegg for his
valuable help. I started the project, because I thought it wouldn't be
difficult implementing something like iZotopes Mobius filter in Csound. Turns
out, I was almost right. :)

NOTE: there's no internal mixing of "dry and wet" signals, since I couldn't
reliably scale the output volume of the filtered signal. A function of number
of octaves and q-values, but I couldn't find it. So you must mix and match
yourself. And example is present though.

Enjoy and feel free to share and comment. <3

Best wishes,


When you need someone, you just turn around and I will be there <3

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