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[Csnd] More on panning etc

i see..

ksmps = 32
sr = 44100
kr = 4410
ksmps = 10
nchnls = 2

The seconf value of ksmps will win, but it is arguable that an error
would be appropriate

You should note that out, outs, outo, outh and outq are really all the
same.  This was changed years ago to simplify many things.

I also note

aFlangMix = adel0+adel1+adel2+adel3+adel4
aFlangMix = adel0+adel1+adel2+adel3+adel4

No idea why you do this twice

                gacmb = gacmb+(aFlangMix*.7)
                garvb = garvb+(aFlangMix*7)
Is there a reason I cannot see why the cmb output is incre,ented by
7 tenths but the reverb is amplified 7 fold?

Also gacmb += (aFlangMix*.7)
has advantages

Overall the amplitude is rather low.  

==John ffitch

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