[Csnd] How to pass k[] to Lua?

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[Csnd] How to pass k[] to Lua?

Dear Csounders,

I have a question on Lua opcodes and entry1.c
I would like to pass to Lua some k-rate array.
All Lua opcodes have similar OENTRY types, see /Opcodes/LuaCsound.cpp
- a T for string name of an opcode, and a lot of N.

N begins an indef list of args (any count/rate i,k,a,S), but it seems to not support k[]
Can it be fixed somehow, or it is safer and better to find another solution, like turning k[] into ftable etc...


Gleb Rogozinsky, PhD
Associated Professor
Interactive Arts Department
Saint-Petersburg University of Film and Television

Deputy Director of Medialab
Saint-Petersburg University of Telecommunications