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[Csnd] Format of the Hetro utility's output file

veli ugur guney
# Hello,
# This is my first mail to the group. Very thanks to everybody who is
participated to making of Csound!
# I'm taking a research class about Csound at university. But because here (in
Bogazici University) nobody knows something about Csound I have to learn it by
myself with the help of Csound Book.
# In 27'th chapter adsyn opcode and hetro analysis utility are explained. The
author said there:

Typically, the hetro analysis file provides the input information for Csound's
adsyn opcode. But in fact, adsyn only requires that the analysis file be in the
hetro format as outlined above, not that it be created by hetro.

# So, I want to create the amplitude and frequency information with MATLAB, I
want to write an GUI. For this purpose I created a .het file with great
enthusiasm. But when I opened it with a text editor, all characters are like:

??  D ( ?2 < vF ?P &#338;Z &#339;d n ?x ?&#8218; ?&#338;
&#8211; ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? &#8221;?

# And, of course, I can't find out the hetro file format from this information.
(Did this called binary file format?) Do you know what the format is and how
can I create files which look like the one above?

-ugur guney-
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