[Csnd] CMask ported to WebAssembly as part of csound-extended

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[Csnd] CMask ported to WebAssembly as part of csound-extended

Michael Gogins-2
I have, after successfully asking the author to change the license of
CMask to one compatible with csound-extended, ported Andre Bartetzki's
CMask program to WebAssembly and it now is part of the WebAssembly
build of csound-extended.

A live demo can be viewed at

This little project has been instructive for me. First, I found it is
fairly easy to port existing C/C++ algorithmic code to WebAssembly and
it incorporate the results into csound-extended. Second, just as
expected, anything with a JavaScript interface will work with anything
else with a JavaScript interface. Third, currently the integration of
multiple WebAssembly modules in one Web page is not possible without
some hacking.

In this case, I simply built CMask as a WebAssembly library and linked
it into the csound-extended module. In other cases, it is possible to
load different WebAssembly modules in different function scopes (you
can't do that simply by using a different <script> element for each
WebAssembly module).

In the future, it should be possible to simply use any WebAssembly
module as an ECMAScript module, and this problem should go away.


Michael Gogins
Irreducible Productions
Michael dot Gogins at gmail dot com

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