[Csnd] Approximationg bandpassed whitenoise through some kind of modulation

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[Csnd] Approximationg bandpassed whitenoise through some kind of modulation

Jeanette C.
Hey hey,
I think I remember that there is a way by FM or PM to simulate bandpassed
white noise, by either modulating white noise with a sine or the other way
around with either FM or PM, but I can't find anything readible supporting
that vague memory.

Does anyone here have a basic recipe?

Alternatively, here is what I'd like to achieve, perhaps there's a completely
different route: through additive synthesis (of sines) I want to build up a
sound and then introduce a slightly noisy compoenent, in relation to the
harmonics/partials in that sound. A bit like ZynAddSubFx's/Yoshimi's SubSynth
does. Using classical bandpass filters is unwieldly, since the bandwidth may
greatly change the volume.

Best wishes and thanks,


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