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Message for Mar 2018

This is the monthly reminder.  The Csound list welcomes posts from
people with ALL levels of skill, from the newest newbie to the most
serious hacker or established composer.  The subject and tenor of the
posts varies dramatically depending on what the current concerns are.
Newbies are sometimes afraid to post because they read discussions
about the incomprehensible deep inner workings, and all they want to
know is how to get a sound to come out of their computer, or advice on
how to get mobile sounds.  Rest assured that your question will be
answered quickly, and (usually) in a helpful and courteous manner.
We've all been there.  Please post.

If you find a bug or want to request for a new feature please report
it here and/or open a ticket by going to


We particularly love bug reports that say which platform and version
were involved (we are currently on 6.10) and a simple test program.
An interesting article about good bug reporting can be seen at


If you are thinking of submitting new code please read the Submission
advice or consult a core developer.

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