[Csnd] Adding pseudo white-noise'ish to a waveform with additive synthesis

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[Csnd] Adding pseudo white-noise'ish to a waveform with additive synthesis

Jeanette C.
Hey hey,
I have noticed, by the means of freezing an fsig, that a single fame can
contain a sort of white-noise like component. to be more precise, a vocal
snippet can still contain breathiness or hiss.

Is there a model of adding such components to a signal made up of pure
harmonic componenents, as might be used for a single-cycle wave.

I suppose that adding inharmonic bands - in relation to a strong fundamental -
will somehow do the trick. But how? In elation to the harmonics, in a certain
static band only? Amplitudes applied due to some curve dreived from

Any ideas would be helpful.

Thanks and best wishes,


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