[Csnd] ANNOUNCEMENT: New York Csound Users Group meeting this Thursday evening, October 5.

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[Csnd] ANNOUNCEMENT: New York Csound Users Group meeting this Thursday evening, October 5.

Michael Gogins-2
The New York Csound Users Group is open to anyone with an interest in
Csound in particular, or in computer music or electroacoustic music in
general. The group meets on the first Thursday evening of each month.
If your email is not in the “to” list, you are still invited!

Assuming no major delays in my flight, the next meeting will be 8:00
PM this Thursday evening, October 5, 2017 at:

Michael Gogins
150 West 95th Street
Apt. 4-D
New York NY 10025
646 318 5477

The agenda, as usual, will include all things Csound, as well as other
computer music and/or experimental music topics not limited to Csound.
I will also share pictures and remarks about the just-concluded
International Csound Conference in Montevideo.

You are invited to bring a piece of your own, a piece of someone
else's that you think is worth sharing, a problem you want some help
with, or a solution that you have developed to a problem.

I have a decent pair of speakers (Mackie HR824) and a dual boot
Windows/Linux notebook. And a Steinway.

It would be helpful for you to let me know if you are planning to
attend, especially if you want to present something or have an
involved technical question, so that I can try to come up with some
sort of informal agenda.

See you there,

Michael Gogins
Irreducible Productions
Michael dot Gogins at gmail dot com

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