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[Cs-dev] ANN: csoundapi~ for PD

Victor Lazzarini

csoundapi~ 1.0  for Pure Data

This is a new PD class using the csound API & library, similar to Matt Ingall's
csound~ class for MAX/MSP.

- multiplatform: linux, OS X and windows
- compatible with versions 4.23 and 5 of the csound library
- providing:
- full score performances
- score event triggering (i,f, and e statements)
- control IO with the invalue and outvalue opcodes
- score resetting (rewinding)

- soon-to-be-implemented features:
   i) MIDI IO
   ii) multiple instances: at the moment multiple csoundapi~
      objects with libcsound 5 can be created cleanly, but they
      do not  generate audio simultaneously. It is hoped that this
      will be fixed in the near future.
      (multiple instances, resetting and score re-opening are
         not possible with 4.23)
   iii) score offset: implemented but not properly tested.

csoundapi~ is an alternative to the exiting PD csound~, providing more IO
and implemented through the API. It also  finally offers csound-PD
integration on

Where to get it?

1. www.nuim.ie/academic/music/musictec/csound/
     Windows binary (csound.lib 4.23), examples and
     multiplatform source code

2 cvs.sourceforge.net
     csoundapi~ is now part of the csound 5 frontends package and
     it can be built on Linux and OSX using scons

Windows csoundapi~ with libcsound 5 are in the pipeline.

Victor Lazzarini
Music Technology Laboratory
Music Department
National University of Ireland, Maynooth

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