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Call for SOLO

Enrico Francioni





apeSoft ( together with Enrico Francioni (the author of the Csound code of the SOLO [Nr.19] app) cast a selection for the realization / interpretation of a Version of SOLO (for melody instrument with feedback) by K.Stockhausen, made with the SOLO [Nr.19] app.
Selected realizations / interpretations will be used as DEMO versions within the SOLO [Nr.19] app.
The selection is open to interpreters of any nationality without age limits.
It is possible to participate with one realization / interpretation by choosing between the Six Versions (FORM-SCHEMES) provided by the author; Particular attention is given to Versions III, IV, V and VI.
It is also possible to participate in the selection both individually and in pairs for the same work.
In the latter case the two roles will be distinguished in:
- a developer (who will curate the score sheet of the chosen Version) and
- an interpreter (who will take care of the execution of the same).
The best realizations / interpretations will be selected by a Commission, whose judgment is unquestionable.
It is possible to participate with realizations / interpretations made for any solo instrument (acoustic, electric, or electronic), or solo voice (any text should be of public domain, if not, the written statement of the author or the holder of the Copyright for use, to be attached to the documentation in .pdf format).

In order to participate, you must send the following material in a compressed folder by WeTransfer to the address: (with your name and last name) by 23:59 on 30 April 2018:

1. The score of its own realization of the chosen version of SOLO, conceived following the author's directions strictly; The score should be in .pdf format and made with a music writer, or even manuscript, but clearly legible; The document must indicate the number of the chosen Version and the name / surname of the developer;

2. The audio file (in .mp3 format, costant bit rate, 192 kb/s, monoaural) of the instrumental / vocal part of the performed interpretation (the audio track - which is the input signal - may be already enriched with the instrumental / vocal Timbres or electronic effects following the score of the version produced) - this monoaural file will be included as the input signal in the DEMO of the SOLO [Nr.19] app in the event that the realization / interpretation is selected;

3. The audio file of its own realization / interpretation (in .wav or .aif format, 44.1 kHz, 16bit, stereo), including Perforations and any other Timbres (FX) available in the SOLO [Nr.19] app; Reverbs can be applied at libitum;

4. The Script (in .txt format) of the effects (FX) possibly applied to your Version for SOLO [Nr.19] app;

5. A short note (in .txt format) of 100-word (max), which summarizes the salient features of its own realization / interpretation;

6. An artistic curriculum (in .txt format) of 200 words (max) in English and an interpreter's photo (in .jpg format). In the case of work done in pairs, double documentation is required.

7. The documentation (in pdf) attesting to the purchase of the SOLO [Nr.19] app.
In the case of work in pairs it is sufficient to submit only one proof of purchase of the app.

- the monoaural audio files of the selected Versions will be inserted as DEMO in the SOLO [Nr.19] app, for a minimum of one year starting December 31, 2018;
- in the user manual of the SOLO [Nr.19] app will appear the photo and the artistic curriculum of the selected developers / interpreters;
- the developers / interpreters of the selected Versions will be invited to perform their work live by December 31, 2019.

By participating in the selection, candidates accept this Regulation tacitly.
The result of the selection will be announced by September 30, 2018.

For info: or at

* You can download the DEMO version of the SOLO [Nr.19] app - for iPad, iPhone, iPod -
Where the first three Cycles of the Six Versions are active and only then buy the full app on one of the following pages:
- or directly to Apple's App Store