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Steven Yi
Hi All,

I've been working with Maven and am liking it alot.  I have
reorganized the CVS structure to match those that Maven uses as
conventions (i.e. src/main/java for all java source files,
src/main/resources for non-java proejct files, src/test/java for java
junit test fiels, etc.).  I've also begun to redo the website using
Maven to generate it, and I think this will make it much easier for me
to keep the site up to date, as well as better organized.  I will
still be reorganizing and cleaning up things over the next few days,
but the main bulk of reorganization is already done.  (Tomorrow I'm
planning on moving the installer related files to src/installer, but
not much else planned at the moment.)

To keep things simple, I've kept the ant build file and modified it to
work with the new structure.   I have kept a lot of the main
directories intact (conf, lib, bin, examples) and will likely to do so
in the future to facilitate easy use of running from cvs builds.

If you're running from CVS and or doing development, please do a fresh
checkout from CVS before continuing forward to get in sync with the
new CVS structure.  You may have to update any IDE settings you have
configured in terms of source folders (in the case of users using
Eclipse) as well.

Just a note, one of the primary reasons for moving to Maven is that
there is simply a lot done for you.  For me, this should make it
possible to do a single automated build at release time that will
build the blue.jar, build the manual, package the installer and zips,
generate the latest site with new manual, and push the new site to the
server and release files over to sourceforge.   That in itself is a
great time saver for me.  The generated sites also are organized very
well I think and will be much more maintained than the current site.

Thanks and please let me know if anyone is experiencing any problems!


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