Building Csound 4.23f13 on OS X (OSX)

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Building Csound 4.23f13 on OS X (OSX)

Anthony Kozar
Hi John,

I have gotten John ffitch's 4.23f13 distribution to build on OS X 10.2.8 by
using a modified makefile.  My makefile is attached and builds a csound
executable with working real-time audio but without FLTK or X11 windowing

Real-time audio performance seems very good here on my PowerMac G4 (Dual
867MHz) using the built-in audio and the default buffer settings.  I tested
with some files that had about 70-75% CPU usage and could still drag windows
around on the screen with no dropouts.  (Of course, the second processor
helps with that! :)

Here is what to do to build it yourself:

Download and decompress the file from Sourceforge:

Copy the attached Makefile into the csound/ subdirectory of the

Open a Terminal window and cd to the csound/ directory.

Type the command "make csound".

Once you get it to build cleanly and are satisfied with testing it, you can
modify the sources however you want and redo the make.  (Note that the other
targets in the make file for utilities and such will not work since this
distribution does not include the rest of the old make files.  "make
install" may not work either without editing the target).

Feel free to ask questions if you run into problems.

Anthony Kozar
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Re: Building Csound 4.23f13 on OS X (OSX)

John Harrison-2
I want to thank the list for so many suggestions of what to try to get
Csound 4.23 to build and run solidly on Mac OS X. This afternoon I spent
some time with it on a OS X.3.9 Desktop and an OS X.3.4 laptop, trying
different versions, makefiles, command parameters. It's no problem to
compile and link, creating the executable. And some configurations will
play simple orchestras fine. But more complicated orchestras often cause
Csound to crash hard, necessitating a forced shutdown/restart. Overall,
different configurations create different problems and the timing just
isn't right for me to debug this at this time. All compilations were
done with the original code i.e. no modifications.

It's not an issue of Csound or of the list. These are both fantastic
things. I perhaps shouldn't have asked a question I didn't have time to
invest in fully solving.

We are going to look at using MacCsound. If this doesn't work, we will
table it to look at again in a month, perhaps with Csound5 as has
already been suggested on the list.

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